Hi all,

I’m struggling to find a clear answer to this one, so apologies if I’ve missed the answer elsewhere.

More sugar = more fuel for fermentation = a finished product that’s either sweeter or more acidic (depending on how far you allow fermentation to proceed before drinking).

I want kombucha that’s less acidic, but also low in sugar. The obvious solution is to brew the tea with less sugar in the first place. I’m currently adding 70g white sugar per litre of black tea.

Conceptually, I think I understand the trade off – i.e. too little sugar may mean the fermentation doesn’t properly get off the ground, allowing space for other harmful bacteria / mould to become established and thereby ruining the whole culture.

But has anyone tried this? How low did you manage to go? Do you have any tips?

I’m aware I can just slowly and steadily reduce the sugar and see what happens, but can you recommend anything more specific? For example, is there a simple way of calculating that X grams of sugar per litre of tea will produce a pH of Y, and that the maximum pH should be Z to be sufficiently confident of safety?


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