• Natural Fermented Non-Alcoholic Kombucha Drink
    Natural Fermented Tea Based Drink
  • Kombucha Raw Living Food No Preservatives
    Raw Living Food, No Preservatives
  • Kombucha No Artificial Colours Or Flavours
    No Artificial Colours Or Flavours
  • Non-pasteurised, Raw And Vegan Kombucha
    Non-pasteurised, Raw And Vegan
  • Low Sugar, Fluoride Free, Gluten Free Kombucha
    Low Sugar, Fluoride Free, Gluten Free
non-alcoholic halal beer alternative

Allergy Conscious, Gut Focused

Ombucha® Kombucha is a delicious, naturally bubbly, fermented alcohol alternative ‘zingy’ drink to nourish your body, mind and gut.

Raw | Low Sugar | Gluten Free

Dairy Free | Vegan | Vegetarian

No Artificial Colours | No Flavourings | No Preservatives | No Sweeteners

Vitality | Spirit | Character

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Authentic Craft Brewed With Loving Care

halal alcohol free alcohol replacement

To brew the finest and most authentic kombucha elixir, honouring the timeless life promoting tea as it was traditionally brewed in Ancient China. Passionately hand brewed with love & care in oak barrels, small batches, and infused with positive intentions.


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Distintcly Ombucha®

Why is ombucha® kombucha nothing like commercial store bought kombucha?

Ready to buy authentic Kombucha online in the UK?

OMBucha® is uniquely different, traditional, and authentic – read here why!

Hand-crafted in our homemade microbrewery, our Kombucha Tea embodies the very meaning of “soul food”: apparently rich in antioxidants, bursting with vitamins, and dense in gut focused cultures.

Each ingredient is meticulously prepared with love to enrich your spirit from the very first serving. Crack open one of our gorgeous, UV-shielded bottles and quench your thirst for goodness with the Elixir of Life’s zingy properties, content in the knowledge that with each sip you’re contributing to your mind, body and soul.

OMBucha®’s Kombucha Tea is handmade each step of the way with painstaking attention to detail, ensuring each concoction of this delicious formula is delivered with unconditional love.

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non-alcoholic halal wine alternative

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