why is ombucha different than mainstream high street kombucha

WHAT is OMBucha®, and WHY is it different than mainstream high street Kombucha brands?

OMBucha® is 100% raw craft Kombucha. We make every single batch, and every single part of the process ourselves, in-house, in our small family run facility.

Because OMBucha® is a genuine true 100% raw craft Kombucha, it can be slightly different batch to batch. OMBucha® is more tangy than the more mainstream brands. It will appeal to those that like a strong Kombucha with a lot of flavour but very little sugar.

It’s a no shortcuts, whole ingredients approach that we have stayed true to from the beginning. The resulting flavours are clean and balanced – neither overwhelmingly vinegary nor cloyingly sweet. And as no juices or other flavours are added, OMBucha® is an honest and authentic 100% raw Kombucha with only naturally occurring live and active cultures.

Artfully crafted, deliciously refreshing, never pasteurised, and only ever served in a dark amber glass bottle to preserve the delicate natural active cultures inside.

After we brew our recipes of organic tea, it takes about two weeks to complete the probiotic fermentation process.
In the United Kingdom, we’re not allowed to make any claims about Probiotics – as can be seen here: Article 13.1 2009;7(9):1247 from Great Britain nutrition and health claims (NHC) register – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk). So you won’t find any information or claims related to Probiotics in relation to any of our products in the UK. Please do not ask us probiotic or gut health related questions, rather, please do your own research from Google and come to your own conclusions and of course, always discuss health matters with a fully qualified and highly trusted (hopefully pillar of health) GP at all times!

Distinctly OMBucha®

Every bottle of 100% raw OMBucha® is packed with naturally occurring live and active cultures including allegedly-beneficial bacteria, yeasts, and organic acids (acetic acid, lactic acid, gluconic acid, glucuronic acid and propionic acid). Visit our Frequently Asked Kombucha Questions page to learn more.

This varies massively from typical mainstream high street store bought Kombucha on the market. Many mainstream Kombucha’s are pasteurised, which kills off all of the beneficial active cultures, served in clear bottles, which also can kill off the active cultures, are diluted (so they contain sugary fruit juice with just Kombucha added, rather than being a Kombucha base).

Like most things in life, a good thing just cannot be easily packaged or processed. It always ends up taking away some portion of the quality or essence of the food when creating something ‘safe’ and with a shelf life. Commercial Kombucha found in stores is limited by the bottling process. Companies need to suppress or halt yeast fermentation and culturing in order to prevent continued carbonation or the bottles could explode. This process leaves you with commercial kombucha which, while still good, typically has high acid and/or suppressed culture, and less varieties of bacteria and yeast.

Suppressing yeast in kombucha brewing is detrimental to the delicate blend of probiotics, acids and yeasts in the final product. If you read our article on the process of fermenting tea, you’ll understand that the yeasts turn the sugar to ethanol, and then over a 10 – 14 day period, the bacteria consume the ethanol and convert this into the plethora of what some mad scientists believe ‘good gut enhancing’ properties of a quality Kombucha. By suppressing the yeasts in commercial brewing, you’re left with a very weak fermented product that is less carbonated (less fizzy) and which has produced less ethanol (alcohol) and in turn, far fewer end acids and probiotics (which is what you want!).

This is the reason the commercial kombucha’s are often pasteurised and then force carbonated (methods to add artificial bubbles), negating the many health benefits one can derive from the probiotic content in the drink (the heat during pasteurisation literally kills the health promoting probiotics found in the kombucha – so we’re told). Add to that, force carbonation, artificial preservatives, added sugar, flavours & sweeteners and you’ll find that the mass-produced, mainstream, high-street kombucha products are actually far removed from the health promoting, nourishing, vitality giving goodness delivered by a true home-brewed craft kombucha like OMBucha®. Here you can read about all of those health promoting goodies found in true authentic kombucha!

Mass produced, commercialised Kombucha is then often subjected to dilution, filtration, and added sugars/flavours & preservatives. By diluting and filtrating, they’re able to produce a clearer liquid with less sediment or yeasts/scoby forming. By adding colours, sugars and flavours, they’re able to produce what is essentially a sugary, sweet, fizzy mainstream ‘soda’ that is shelf stable, with just a ‘hint’ or ‘trace’ of kombucha which is less active than true, raw, unadulterated kombucha described above. Packaged in plastic bottles (inherent with their own negatives) you’re often buying yet another sugary, fizzy soda under the ‘guise’ of a healthy kombucha.

This is everything we’re completely against at OMBucha® – where our mission is to produce true, authentic, wholesome, raw, unadulterated Kombucha. Want to know what’s so healthy about OMBucha® Kombucha?

Low sugar
Low calorie
No artificial ingredients or preservatives
Organic, raw and absolutely never pasteurised
Active cultures (our brand can contain visible pieces of SCOBY)

Vitality | Spirit | Character

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