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Microbiome Test Subscription

£129.00 every 3 months

The OMBucha® Microbiome Test was developed by an international team at AtlasBiomed consisting of scientists, reviewed by our Scientific Board of Advisors and registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency) in the United Kingdom.

Benefits of Regular Subscription Gut Microbiome Testing:

1 test every 3 months

We will send you a new Atlas Microbiome Test every 3 months to your registered address.

Learn much more about your microbiome. Once a quarter or as recommended by your healthcare provider, you can discover how your microbes change over time. This allows you to make beneficial, accurate and rapid changes to your nutrition and lifestyle to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.


  • A completely flexible subscription to suit you. No contract – cancel at any time.
  • You can now buy a subscription of OMBucha® Microbiome testing to ensure your gut health is always optimised.
  • Every 3rd month we ship you a new test kit to track and analyse changes in your gut microbiome.
  • Take the hassle out of reordering and let us do the hard work – everything is set on autopilot!
  • Full support: we are always at the end of the email/phone/live chat.

Subscription cancellation
This is a rolling subscription, you may cancel it at any time from your personal account. Subscriptions are linked to the personal account using your email, so please use the same email address to order a subscription and register your personal account.

Industry-Leading Tests | Personalised Advice | Ongoing Support

For ages 18+


Benefits of Gut Microbiome Testing:

  • Learn how microbes protect you from disease
  • Understand how diet affects gut bacteria
  • Optimise microbe’s vitamin synthesis
  • Dietary fibre breakdown and butyrate synthesis
  • Personalised food recommendations
  • Probiotics and beneficial bacteria report

What You Will Learn

  • Health
    Your microbiome health score and protection from 5 disease risks
  • Nutrition
    Proportion of probiotics and beneficial bacteria, micronutrient synthesis potential and diversity score
  • Foods
    Weekly personalised food recommendations to improve your microbiome health in 17 areas
  • Bacterial composition
    List of bacteria found in your microbiome (%) and what enterotype you belong to
  • Consultation
    Results will be explained to you during a free consultation with one of OMBucha® nutritional therapists

View a sample Microbiome Test Report here.

Industry-Leading Tests | Personalised Advice | Ongoing Support

For ages 18+

OMBucha® Home Gut Microbiome Test – UK

It’s time to find out what’s actually going on inside your gut with our personal home Microbiome Test. Quickly and accurately learn how to repair the problem with the help of our support.

There is no magic pill and you certainly don’t need another one-size-fits-all diet. Instead, you need a science-based nutrition plan, tailored to your needs, that tells you which foods you need to eat, to boost the health of your own gut microbiome.

OMBucha now offer an easy-to-use Microbiome Test that you can take in the privacy of your own home.

Take a look inside the mysterious and magnificent world of your gut biome and learn how your gut diversity compares to the general population, as well as the level of protection you have against diseases like diabetes type 2, heart disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and obesity. Discover how well your gut microbes are processing fibre and synthesising essential vitamins.

Every scientific finding is distilled into an easy to understand list of practical, everyday food recommendations, so you can literally eat yourself healthy. Simply work your way through your recommended food list, consuming each food at least once a week, to help repair your microbiome and boost your gut health.

Your results will be explained to you during a free consultation with one of OMBucha® nutritional therapists.

Test price includes a free consultation with our certified nutritionist, who will explain your results. You will also receive a downloadable copy of your results.

When is it the right time? When do you start investing in your health as the real wealth in life? Now you can take control and get enrich your life with our industry leading, evidence based, Gut Health Microbiome Testing and #FeedYourSpirit

We take gut health, and wellbeing very seriously – it’s why we started brewing Kombucha and adopting fermented foods into our own lifestyle. Driven by a passion to create authentic fermented Kombucha, irritated by the growing commercial market place of mainstream flavoured fizzy mass produced ‘Kombucha’ we’ve gone a step further and integrated a partnership with the leading gut health laboratories and microbiome specialists. Our mission is to provide a world class health service whereby you can take control of your health from the inside out.

No one will ever care more about your health than you – take control of it!

Improve your health with our personalised recommendations and lab tests

Here at OMBucha® we believe that good health begins in the gut. Let food be thy medicine!

We also strongly believe that no person should put up with symptoms of dis-ease in their daily lives.

The world is ready for a health revolution, and now, technology to help each individual take control of their health is becoming both accessible and affordable.

We believe in the need to tackle the root causes of conditions – rather than simply treating symptoms.

Want to learn more about microbiome testing from OMBucha® – view here.

The interpretations provided by the Atlas DNA and Microbiome Tests are based on the scientific study of European populations. This is why the disease risk assessment and population characteristics are more focused on people of European descent, and may be less relevant to people of other origins. The Atlas DNA and Microbiome Tests are not for diagnostic purposes or disease management. We do not recommend taking these tests if you are pregnant. If you have recently undergone a course of antibiotics, you should wait three months before giving a sample for testing. Our services are reserved for the use of people over the age of 18. To ensure the accuracy of your results, read the instructions carefully. The average processing time of a sample (after reception at the laboratory) was less than 3 weeks in October 2017. However, each sample is analysed on a case-by-case basis, so the whole process may take as long as 8 weeks.

Additional information

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm

How Does It Work?

Your test kit will be shipped to your door. You provide the bio-sample and ship it to the lab, where your results will be processed within 6-8 weeks. Every sample is analysed on a case-by-case basis and we will notify you personally if there are any changes to this timeframe. When your results are ready, our qualified nutritionist will talk you through the results, in a free private consultation.

How to take the test

When you receive your kit, follow the instructions, collect your sample and send it back. We’ll do the rest, like making sure the sample is valid, analysing the DNA of your gut bacteria and interpreting the data. All you have to do is log on to your personal account to see the results.

What You Will Learn

  • Health
    Your microbiome health score and protection from 5 disease risks
  • Nutrition
    Proportion of probiotics and beneficial bacteria, micronutrient synthesis potential and diversity score
  • Foods
    Weekly personalised food recommendations to improve your microbiome health in 17 areas
  • Bacterial composition
    List of bacteria found in your microbiome (%) and what enterotype you belong to


The Microbiome Test was developed by an international team of scientists, reviewed by our Scientific Board of Advisors and registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency) in the United Kingdom.

  • Industry-leading tests
    Use our cutting-edge tests and consultations to understand why you have symptoms.
  • Specific markers
    Our functional tests are hand-selected to give you unique and useful insight into your biochemistry.
  • Personalised advice
    All results are reviewed by a registered practitioner, so you receive guidance that’s tailored to you.
  • Ongoing support
    Get support from like-minded people and our team of Functional Medicine experts. From complementary resources to community, we’re there for you on your journey to back to health.

We test your DNA and microbiome, using the latest technology from Illumina, a world leader in the field of molecular analysis. Your genetic data is analysed in a certified EU laboratory in the Netherlands, accredited with ISO 15189.

How do you keep my private information safe?
Atlas Biomed and OMBucha operates to the highest standards of information governance and customer privacy, as per our Information Governance Policy, including European Data Protection Regulation. The transmission of data is encrypted at the point of dispatch and receipt. Your data is stored in anonymised form on the Atlas servers in the United Kingdom, meaning that only Atlas software can read this information. All users have the right to access personal information that relates to them. All users have the right to request that all personal data is removed from the Atlas databases as per the ‘right-to-be-forgotten’ clause in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Are OMBucha® Tests registered with UK authorities?
Our partners at Atlas Biomed produce products that are a Medical Device registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) in the UK for distribution in United Kingdom.
I am under 18. Can I take the test?
This test is intended solely for the use of persons aged 18 and over.
What is the OMBucha® Microbiome Test subscription?
If you choose this option, we will send you a new OMBucha® Microbiome Test kit every 3 months to your chosen address. As soon as the test kit is delivered, we charge the order price to the bank card used for the initial payment.

It is a rolling subscription, so you will receive a test kit every 3 months. You can choose to terminate it whenever you like. To cancel the subscription, just contact us via email

If your first order contains both the OMBucha® DNA and Microbiome Tests, the delivery is free of charge.

Can I do the test if I am sick or taking medication?
You should only collect a stool sample in the absence of gastrointestinal symptoms. If you have been taking antibiotics or a long course of NSAIDs or have undergone surgery, wait at least 3 months before taking the OMBucha® Microbiome Test.
Should I follow a special diet before taking the home microbiome test?
No, you should not change your diet. Keep eating the way you normally do - this will allow us to get an accurate picture of your ‘normal’ microbiome and provide recommendations on how to improve or maintain it.
How do we know that bacteria affects our health?
We're literally just scratching the surface of this fascinating topic.

There exists more than 20,000 scientific articles that have been published relating to the gut microbiome and its relationship with various health conditions over the past decade.

Every single month, world over, new research is released in this field. We used these publications to develop an interpretation system that is now featured in our microbiome test.

This research has firmly established that bacteria in the microbiome are not simply ‘good’ or ‘bad’ species. Rather, how microbes participate in health or illness is dependent on their abundance in the overall community and how they relate to one another. The recommendations provided on your personal account have been developed on the basis of microbiome research by doctors and scientists.

What Is The Gut Microbiome
In the United Kingdom, we're not allowed to make any claims about Probiotics - as can be seen here: Article 13.1 2009;7(9):1247 from Great Britain nutrition and health claims (NHC) register - GOV.UK ( So you won't find any information or claims related to Probiotics in relation to any of our products in the UK. Please do not ask us probiotic or gut health related questions, rather, please do your own research from Google and come to your own conclusions and of course, always discuss health matters with a fully qualified and highly trusted (hopefully pillar of health) GP at all times! Your gut microbiome is a vast, interconnected community of trillions of bacteria and fungi that inhabit every aspect of your (GI) gastrointestinal tract, and have a major influence on your metabolism, body weight, propensity to illness, immune system, appetite and mood. Think of this network of living bacteria as an interwoven web of living, communicating elements, no different than your blood cells, that truly make you - YOU! The microbiome is a community of bacteria that live in the gut. Human gastrointestinal microbiota, also known as gut flora or gut microbiota, are the microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts of humans. Nowadays, we know that over 1,000 different types of microbes are active in the human intestines. Thanks to major advances in science & technology, it is now possible to perform accurate analyses of the microbiome using 16S rRNA sequencing to identify these bacteria based on their DNA. In fact, the genes in the human microbiome outnumber the genes in the human body 100 to 1. Crudely put, the human is basically a tube from mouth to colon, surrounded by a big meat sack of water and protein made up of DNA. Your lifestyle and what you feed your living body (your inputs) create outputs through RNA and DNA gene expression. Everything you expose your system to, the food you eat, the environment you live in, the pharmaceuticals you consume, are all incoming code, that is translated and what is output is quite literally who you are, and how you feel. Gut bacteria are part of a big group of microbes that perform important jobs for the human body like digesting food and breaking down dietary fibre, synthesising vitamins and essential chemical compounds as well as protecting the body from inflammation. Some bacteria may participate in the development of certain illnesses but, for most species, only if they are present in abnormal amounts. When the microbiome is balanced, it is able to prevent the intrusion and overgrowth of potentially pathogenic bacteria, thus contributing to overall health. To experience optimal health and wellness, your focus has to be on optimising the delicate balance of positive microbiota that make up who you are, and how you feel/experience the world around you.