Is ombucha kombucha safe for alcoholics to drink

Is OMbucha Kombucha Safe For Alcoholics To Drink?

Since OMbucha Kombucha contains trace amounts of ethanol, we’re often asked whether this means it’s safe for alcoholics – or former alcoholics – to consume. Here’s the honest way to answer this question.

In our previous article “Is OMbucha Kombucha a beer or lager?”, we explained the origin of this question owing to the fermentation process necessary to produce kombucha.

As a brief recap for those that didn’t read the article: ethanol is a byproduct of the tea fermentation process, but with kombucha, the bacteria cultivated during the process consumes the ethanol that is produced, in turn producing an abundance of healthy, organic acids, and leaving behind miniscule amounts of ethanol itself.

How Much Alcohol is in each bottle of OMbucha Kombucha?

How much, to be precise? Roughly 0.5 grams per bottle, although that content may vary between batch-to-batch.

In fact, the amount of alcohol is so low in OMbucha Kombucha that it meets Halal certifications and does not need to be declared on the label directly under law.

In the UK, for a drink to be considered “low alcohol”, it has to be below 1.2%. Most non-alcoholic beers on the UK market at the moment are less than 0.5% ABV. Our kombucha brews at OMBucha® contain only approximately ~0.35% ABV, which is extremely low. One way we keep our alcohol content so low is that we do not flavour our kombucha.

Flavouring booch with fruit, juices and presses (which is not authentic to traditional methods) adds additional sugars which can, over time, increase the alcohol content. When creating OMBucha®, as an alcohol alternative, the lowest alcohol content was very important for us – we wanted an authentic, sophisticated, deep body flavour without running the risk of higher alcohol content in our recipe.

We random batch test most, but not all batches for alcohol content both at bottling, and then after a few months of maturing to ensure consistency.

As a comparison, our kombucha contains similar levels of ethanol found within vinegar and bread, two products that are consumed by the overwhelming majority of the Western population, former and current alcoholics included, but not subjected to the same scrutiny.

Is OMbucha Kombucha safe for alcoholics to drink then?

Every alcoholic – and former alcoholic – has to make his/her own decision when consuming any product that contains ethanol and is created using fermentation.

At OMbucha, our job is to simply inform you of the facts and dispel any myths surrounding the product, while being as honest and objective as possible to ensure our integrity remains intact and you’re able to make an informed decision for your personal health.

If we can assist you in any further information in regards the alcohol content of our authentic craft OMBucha® Kombucha, please feel to send us a message here, and a member of our team will be happy to consult with you regarding any concerns.