is OMBucha® Kombucha ketogenic suitable?

Is OMBucha® Kombucha Ketogenic Friendly?

Ketogenic diets have increased tenfold in recent years due to their ability to help lower body fat levels and lose weight effectively. But is Kombucha compatible with the diet?


An Introduction to Ketogenic Diets

Ketogenic Diets (aka “Keto”) are typically high-fat, low-carbohydrate diets that force the body to utilise ketone bodies for energy instead of glucose.

This is achieved by drastically reducing the carbohydrates in your bloodstream, which in turn puts the body into the metabolic state known as “ketosis”.

When this occurs, the body begins to turn fat into ketones in the liver, effectively drawing on stored body fat for energy and even cognitive function.

Benefits of Ketogenic Diets

Ketogenic diets have been associated with strong weight loss, reduced body fat and better insulin sensitivity.

Some proponents of ketogenic diets even claim it has a positive effect on disease prevention, but that’s another article for another day to deal with such complex claims.

Is Kombucha keto-compatible?

Because the state of ketosis requires less than 5% of daily calories to come from carbohydrate consumption (as little as under 30g per day for most individuals), the question of whether Kombucha is compatible with ketogenic diets has become more popular.

In our article discussing why Kombucha contains sugar content, we analysed how the fermentation process was a necessary evil for contributing to the end product of Kombucha.

By feeding the SCOBY to produce gut-promoting Probiotics, sugar contributes towards an abundance of healthy acids that enhance overall health when kombucha is consumed.

However, this leaves many concerned whether it’s keto-friendly.

If we analyse the overall sugar content in Kombucha as seen below, you’ll notice that there is roughly 4g of sugar per 100ml of the product including maximum variables from each batch that is produced.

Given that ketogenic diets require generally no more than 5% of total caloric intake from carbohydrates, some meticulous calorie/macro counting may be necessary to ensure you don’t fall out of ketosis when consuming kombucha.

Mainstream, flavoured kombucha may contain even more sugar content per 100ml of product, so even closer attention to the label if you opt for one off the supermarket shelves.

How to Consume Kombucha on a Ketogenic Diet

The good news is that you can still consume our ‘booch on a ketogenic diet, providing you’re meticulous with watching what you eat/drink while in ketosis.

Our recommendation is to consume half a bottle daily to still reap the benefits of our ‘booch, while still being well under the general 30g of carbohydrates necessary to stay in ketosis.

If you follow this approach, you’ll still be able to have a few carbohydrates from other foods in your diet that won’t knock you out of ketosis as well.

And, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of Kombucha for your overall health & wellbeing without compromising your dietary goals.


Yes, Kombucha can be ketogenic-friendly, but it requires attentiveness and diligence to calorie counting to consume it while in ketosis!