Different diets for different people

The composition of your gut bacteria depends on what you eat every day, meaning that everybody has a unique microbiome profile. It can also be influenced by other factors like your living environment, antibiotics and stress.

Why does this matter?

Even if you eat lots of fresh food and stay away from take-aways, your microbiome might still lack the ability to synthesise specific vitamins or break down dietary fibre.

Furthermore, because gut bacteria are influenced by external factors, some species may die off. In this case, it is important to have diversity, so that other bacteria can fulfill these functions and prevent pathogenic species for moving in.

How can you help?

The test shows you what foods to incorporate into your diet to improve your microbiome.

Discover the unique composition of gut bacteria

Find out what food can enhance your microbiome

Check your progress by taking the test again

New food can change the microbiome

Increase the share of ‘healthy’ bacteria
There is extensive research on what foods different bacteria prefer. Our test will show you what you need to eat to improve the composition of your microbiome.
Enhance microbiome diversity
The more diversity in the microbiome, the more resistant it is to invaders. Our test will show you what you need to eat to improve and maintain microbiome diversity.
Stabilise the bacterial communities that synthesise vitamins
Vitamins are not only obtained through food, they are produced in the gut by bacteria. Our test investigates how your microbiome is performing and gives your personalised food recommendations to improve nutrient synthesis.
Strengthen bacterial production of butyrate
Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that supports the integrity of the gut lining and helps prevent inflammation. It is produced by the microbiome from dietary fibre. This test will teach you how to enhance the ratio of these bacteria using personalised food recommendations.

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