What is in Ombucha Kombucha that is so good for my health & gut?


What Is In OmBucha Kombucha That Is So Good For My Health & Gut?

You’ve heard the buzzwords and platitudes surrounding the “Elixir of Life”, but what’s actually in OMBucha’s delicately fermented Kombucha that might make it so enriching for your maintaining normality of your health and gut?

Since its discovery, the benefits of Kombucha have been both exaggerated and understated across the globe.

Some claim miracles from the formula – others are needlessly cynical about the science. The truth, however, probably lies somewhere in between.

Let’s take a look at the way OMBucha’s Kombucha formula functions in the body and exudes its benefits. Much of this article is redacted due to UK compliance regulations.

It Starts With The Fermentation Process

For a second, let’s go back to the beginning of how Kombucha’s made.

An ancient Chinese recipe, the sweetened tea goes through a meticulous fermentation process where the ingredients are brewed together using specific teas such as black tea, coffee beans, raw organic sugar and a Kombucha culture known as ‘SCOBY’ (a living Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast).

At OMBucha®, we go to painstaking lengths to ensure optimum strength of Kombucha by using non-pasteurised ingredients, that isn’t filtrated or force-carbonated – just focusing on the natural fermentation process.

Once the fermentation process is complete, the product yields a Kombucha culture that forms a live colony that is both a delicious, rich in antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients.

What’s So Good About Probiotics?

In the United Kingdom, we’re not allowed to make any claims about Probiotics – as can be seen here: Article 13.1 2009;7(9):1247 from Great Britain nutrition and health claims (NHC) register – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk). So you won’t find any information or claims related to Probiotics in relation to any of our products in the UK. Please do not ask us probiotic or gut health related questions, rather, please do your own research from Google and come to your own conclusions and of course, always discuss health matters with a fully qualified and highly trusted (hopefully pillar of health) GP at all times!

It’s hard to say, and we’re specifically not allowed to discuss probiotics in the UK in terms of any health claims. Outside of the UK, many people believe probiotics play an integral role in ensuring normal gut health by possibly cleansing the digestive tract and promoting positive bacteria in the stomach region. This might lead to reduced inflammation, less metabolic orders, and a normal immune system.

The link between the gut and overall health is well documented – with some scientists now referring to the gut as the “second brain” due to its influence on overall health and function in the body. We’re probably not allowed to talk about that in the UK either.

More Than Just Good For Gut Health

In addition to fortifying your gut with what maybe positive bacteria (out for debate in the UK), OMBucha’s Kombucha also yields a host of other effects derived from the ingredients produced during its rich fermentation process.

Alongside the promotion of this bacteria, used by the gut in a way we can’t talk about in the UK, comes innumerable effects on a person. We can’t discuss those here of course, but rumour outside of the UK from Kombucha enthusiasts would have you believe there might even be some health benefits for the digestive tract, allowing nutrients to flow seamlessly through the body and be absorbed effortlessly.

Most notably is Kombucha’s reputation and suggested (though clearly not proven in the UK) ability to detoxify the body by cleansing toxins from the liver as it is rumoured, where glucuronic acid from the formula has been wildly suggested to bind to toxins entering this crucial organ and filtering it out via the kidneys before they exert their ill effects.

Along with this possibility that is often talked about outside of the UK, where some users are adamant that Kombucha may be helping detoxify the body, Kombucha’s fermentation process results in an abundance of free radical scavenging antioxidants apparently (according to some people outside of the United Kingdom), which can, in many minds (though don’t hold us to this!) help to reverse ageing, potentially reduce inflammation and might even shield the body from oxidative damage (but who knows, right?!).

Lastly, due to the popular held belief outside of the UK that Kombucha’s natural cleansing properties, it may also work as an effective natural alternative to conventional medicines that assist with chronic constipation and diarrhoea, due to the presence of digestive enzymes in its formula (or so we’ve heard….)

An All-in-one Powerhouse?

The benefits from consuming Kombucha are clear in some countries (but definitely not defined, regulated, or approved in the UK mind you). Its potent healing properties, that have been discussed since ancient times, that cannot be discussed in the United Kingdom, maybe of some kind of benefit to any individual, possibly in addition to reducing chronic pain, fatigue, and even joint mobility (but that’s never been proven and we’re obviously not suggesting that to be the case).

You can learn more about all of the crazy health promoting goodies that people discuss in countries other than the UK that may be contained in true authentic brewed kombucha – what strains of bacteria, probiotics and yeasts are present in kombucha tea?

With such potent benefits reported in other countries outside of the UK, sipping on this rich ‘booch daily can become a favourite past-time for anybody concerned with improving their overall zing and zest (though we’re skirting a fine line here in what we could suggest about Kombucha in general – and it’s just what we’ve heard).