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  • Disease risks influenced by genes and lifestyle
  • Carrier status, child risk for hereditary diseases
  • Impact on vitamins, nutrients and predisposition to gluten, lactose, caffeine and alcohol intolerances
  • Athletic predisposition to performance and injury
  • DNA ancestry, origins and Neanderthal genes
  • Unique personal traits determined by genes
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What you will learn?

349 Reports


Your 20 disease risks, carrier status for 317 hereditary conditions and 12 other health-related traits

22 Reports


Metabolism of vitamins and micronutrients, predisposition to nutrient intolerances and dietary recommendations

12 Reports


Risk evaluation for sports injuries

3 Reports


Ancestry composition, paternal and maternal haplogroups, ratio of neanderthal genes

12 Reports

Other Traits

The impact of genetics on your unique traits such as odour sensitivity and iris structure

DNA. The building blocks of life

DNA, also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, is contained within the trillions of cells that make up your body. It serves as a blueprint that determines the physical features of all living things, including you! It looks like a twisted ladder or, as scientists call it, a ‘double helix’. This genetic information was passed on from your parents, which is why it is ‘hereditary’, making you completely unique.

How the test works

You give a saliva sample and send it off for analysis

We analyse your DNA and interpret the information

You access the results in your personal account

The science behind it

We test your DNA using the latest technology from Illumina, a world leader in the field of molecular analysis. Your genetic data is analysed in a certified EU laboratory, accredited with ISO 17025.

After taking the genetic test, Tom Ough, a journalist for the Telegraph started to eat more spinach. He might not look happy about it, but his gut bacteria are definitely happier now with Tom’s new diet
The report is available via a nicely designed, transparent and very user-friendly online dashboard. Honestly, it is the most receptible and understandable report that I’ve ever seen so far’. The Medical Futurist shares his experience with the OMBucha DNA test
The Guardian columnist Zoe Williams tried the DNA test and shared her expectations to see, how does her metabolism works, in details

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the OMBucha DNA Test?
The OMBucha DNA Test will provide you a detailed genetic profile of your health, nutrition, physical activity and geographical ancestry. It includes over 400 traits and indicators.

The OMBucha DNA Test can be combined with the OMBucha Microbiome Test and information about your lifestyle for unique insights into your health that is not available elsewhere.
What countries can I order the test in?
The OMBucha tests are currently available in following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden and United Kingdom

If you want to order to another country please send us a note on
Are there any restrictions or conditions which may prevent me from taking the DNA Test?
There are no major restrictions or conditions preventing you from taking the test.

Customers must be over 18 years old.

Do not collect your saliva right after you wake up, and until 30 minutes after you eat, drink, chew gum, smoke or kiss.

Remember to read the instructions carefully.

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Health risks, hereditary conditions, nutrition recommendations and ancestry

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