why does ombucha kombucha contain sugar

Why Does Ombucha Kombucha Contain Sugar?

It’s one of the most common questions we get asked at Ombucha: why does Kombucha contain sugar? Today, we’re going to give you a complete explanation.

Despite being known as the “elixir of life” in health circles, Kombucha’s wondrous, naturally healing properties have not come without its detractors. After all, if it’s such a healthy product, then why does it contain sugar?

Once again, it starts with the fermentation process…

Sugar: A Necessary Evil

At Ombucha, we’re very understanding of your concerns when it comes to sugar. We have a deep understanding of biology and how sugar impacts our health, in particular its cellular activity and how this affects our daily activity and longevity.

However, we’re also objective and not hyperbolic when it comes to approaching the subject.

With any fermentation process, sugar is a necessary inclusion to feed the yeast. Yoghurt cultures, for example, consume milk sugar (lactose) to produce milk that’s teaming with probiotics.

With kombucha, the process is similar: the sugar feeds the yeast, which creates CO2 & ethanol, while the bacteria consumes the ethanol and volar, an abundance of healthy acids come pouring out the other side.

What many fail to note is that very little sugar actually remains in the kombucha itself once it’s bottled due to the extensiveness of the fermentation process. Furthermore, the fermentation process cleaves sucrose (polysaccharide) into fructose and glucose – both of which are utilized by the fermentation process thereby reducing the glycemic load.

How Much Sugar Is Left Once the Product is Bottled?

When the fermentation process is complete and the product is bottled, the quantity of sugar will equate to roughly 4g/100ml when fully conditioned.

With Kombucha – as well as any fermentation process – sugar is a necessary evil but the positives far outweigh the negatives once complete.

Ultimately, the miniscule amount of sugar in Kombucha is largely irrelevant when taking into account the innumerable health benefits the end product exudes. And, with a healthy, balanced diet, the amount of sugar that is included in the product can easily be factored into your overall daily calorie intake without having any adverse effects.

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