what does kombucha tea taste like

What Does Kombucha Tea Taste Like?

After much research, you’ve finally given in – you want to experience all the juicy goodness the Elixir of Life offers. But what to expect when you crack open your first bottle? Here’s an insight…

In our humble opinion, there’s nothing more euphoric and uplifting than cracking open a fine, artfully-crafted ‘booch and feeling that sweet fermented goodness kombucha offers excite the palate and trickle down the throat.

But that’s just us.

The truth is, there are so many variations of kombucha that it can often be difficult to describe the sensation of taste with accuracy. The fermentation process, in addition to the variant of teas and flavourings used can have a huge influence over the final taste of the product.

For our kombucha, we like to describe it as refreshingly sour, with a slight vinegary flavour yet being mild and not overpowering the palate. Many of our customers have likened its taste to a meticulously brewed mild craft beer, while others say it’s similar to a refreshing iced tea.

What we can say, with a degree of clarity, is that we personally believe OMBucha® Kombucha tastes at its best when consumed cold – refrigerated for at least a few hours so that when it hits your palate you’ll feel rejuvenated by the freshness this delightful beverage embodies.

A warmer kombucha left at room temperature will definitely have a more vinegary-taste; not overpowering, but certainly more noticeable given the way the product interacts at certain temperatures since it’s fermented. Like a fine red wine, the product is best chilled in a cool storage space, and certainly not left out in the open exposed to excessive heat.

However you decide to consume yours, rest assured that you’ll be sipping on a beautiful bottle of goodness, and be sure to leave us some honest feedback on our Facebook page here of how you found your experience!