Do Ombucha Kombucha Cultures Contain Gluten, Dairy or Animal Products?

When it comes to various allergies and free-from food labels, there’s a whole host of questions our customers want to know about our kombucha: mainly whether it’s gluten, dairy, and animal-free. Today, we’ll answer those questions.

Do kombucha products contain gluten, dairy, or animal products?

At OMBucha®, our ethos is to commit to a product that not only enriches and nourishes the human body and soul, but is also simultaneously as good for the planet.

We take extensive steps to adhere to this principle: including by offering discount incentives for recycling in addition to packaging our kombucha in dark amber glass bottles.

So when it comes to customers who have concerns over the actual ingredient profile and whether it’s suitable for their various allergies, we completely understand their cause for concern. Most people want to know whether OMBucha® Kombucha is:

  • Gluten-free?
  • Dairy-free?
  • Animal-free/Vegan-friendly?

In order to answer this question efficaciously, we believe it’s best to examine the fermentation process by start to finish, with a thorough analysis of the ingredients used to create our beloved ‘booch and show our steadfast commitment to you, our valued customer.

An Ingredient-by-ingredient examination of OMBucha® Kombucha


Distilled Water

It all starts with purified, fluoride-free water that we prepare in our homemade lab, that we can comprehensively state is gluten, dairy and animal-free.

Organic Loose Tea Leaves (Black & Green Proprietary Blend)

The next stage requires adding organic, antioxidant-rich tea leaves hand-picked by some of the most ethical farmers around the world who we work closely to support during the importation process.

These tea farmers work on plantations that are all certified gluten, dairy and vegan-friendly, committed to harvesting only the finest quality tea leaves year-round during the painstaking nurturing process.

Once it arrives with us in the UK, we meticulously prepare them for our homemade concoction in a stable environment that preserves all the health-enriching benefits of the tea and is 100% animal, gluten and dairy-free.

Organic Cane Sugar

We then take great pride in importing organic sugar cane from indigenous regions in Southeast Asia where it was originally cultivated, taking great care to ensure it retains its great flavour during its trip across the oceans to our loving home.

The organic cane sugar is sourced adhering to all the same practices as the loose tea leaves: being 100% animal, gluten and dairy-free.

SCOBY Culture

The last addition to our homemade ‘booch is the renowned ‘SCOBY’ Culture; a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast used during the final stages of crafting kombucha.

The SCOBY again, is used without the addition of any gluten, dairy or animal products, completing the kombucha production without any of the aforementioned ingredients related to allergies.


Voila! There you have it. A lovingly made, beautifully crafted kombucha free from gluten, dairy or any animal additives and formulated under the watchful eye of two passionate health advocates who cherish the beauty of the Elixir of Life. Our hope is to now pass on the benefits to you, so that we can have the pleasure of enriching your mind, body and soul the same way our ‘booch has done for us!