Is Kombucha Inebriating

Can You Get Drunk From Drinking Kombucha Tea?

Heard Ombucha Kombucha contains alcohol and looking to grab yourself a quick summer buzz? Not so fast – there’s more to the Elixir of Life’s alcohol content than initially meets the eye.

Because kombucha contains trace levels of alcohol, many people are curious whether it’s possible to use it to become inebriated, especially during the summer when many find a cool ‘booch out in the sun makes for the ideal beer or lager replacement.

First, let’s examine some cold-hard truths on Ombucha Kombucha’s alcohol content.

The Facts on Ombucha Kombucha’s Ability to Get You Drunk

When we discussed whether kombucha was a beer or a lager in our previous article, we analysed the variation of ethanol content between batches when brewing our booch.

Many will have been relieved to hear that kombucha typically contains less than 0.5 grams of ethanol per bottle, so little in fact that this allows us to not declare the trace alcohol content via UK law on the label.

This isn’t to deny that kombucha contains a miniscule amount of alcohol – it’s more of an acknowledgement than because there is such a menial amount, it’s not necessary to declare it on the label. Many other products which utilise fermentation to create them also adhere to this.

Overall, when examining the science, it’s more hearsay and zero substance that people can get buzzed from kombucha. And with the fermentation process continuously resulting in the bacteria in the product consuming the ethanol content, there’s not much to worry about in this regard – the health benefits far outweigh the minimal alcohol content, which we have discussed extensively before.

“But I’ve heard of people getting a “Buzz” from Kombucha!?”

This is more likely an anecdote attributed to people experiencing a brief sense of euphoria created by the body uptaking nutrition as opposed to being inebriated.

There are circumstances of certain individuals who lack an enzyme called “DAO” who suffer from histamine intolerance, who may have an odd reaction to consuming kombucha which can mimic drunkenness. However, we must add that this is extremely rare.

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