OMBucha® is more than a brand. It’s a vision, a lifestyle, a movement. Will you join us?

To brew the finest and most authentic kombucha elixir, honouring the timeless life promoting tea as it was traditionally brewed in Ancient China. Passionately hand brewed with love & care in oak barrels, small batches, and infused with positive intentions.

Hand-crafted in our homemade microbrewery, our Kombucha Tea embodies the very meaning of “soul food”: rich in antioxidants, bursting with vitamins, and dense in gut-healing probiotics.

Each ingredient is meticulously prepared with love to enrich your spirit from the very first serving. Crack open one of our gorgeous, UV-shielded bottles and quench your thirst for goodness with the Elixir of Life’s healing properties, content in the knowledge that with each sip you’re nourishing the mind, body and soul.

OMBucha®’s Kombucha Tea is handmade each step of the way with painstaking attention to detail, ensuring each concoction of this miracle formula is delivered with unconditional love.


OMBucha® Kombucha – a truly health promoting probiotic, non-alcoholic, alcohol-alternative beverage : ideally suited for the intelligent wellness-conscious individual.

There is a large population of the health & fitness-conscious consumers who are faced with social situations where there simply aren’t any healthy alternatives to alcohol. Usually, this sort of scenario’s only alternatives are unhealthy, low sugar ‘diet’ sodas or sugar-laden ‘juices’/beverages that don’t provide pleasant solutions.

In addition to these individuals, the Muslim population are also hamstrung by these unhealthy options.

At OMBucha®, we’re committed to resolving this dilemma: by providing a health-enriching ‘booch that nourishes the mind, body and soul, while still providing a pleasant uplift and euphoria that go hand-in-hand with these social events.

But there’s more to us than just this.

Upon researching the Kombucha market, we found nothing short of shocking findings of such artificial offerings of drinks utilising methods to stunt bacteria and yeast growth, tons of added sugars, added sweeteners, added chemicals and pasteurisation – completely against the principles and meaning of kombucha.

Companies claiming to produce kombucha basically pushing high sugar/fructose, flavoured fizzy water with just a hint of kombucha – a far cry from truly gut health promoting traditional, authentic kombucha as referenced in the scientific journals.

Such added sweeteners are common in kombucha’s, it turns out. A 2016 study of 88 brews from eight makers discovered that the majority of kombucha’s tested had more sugar than listed: Some were more than 400 percent higher. While most of the tested kombucha’s listed 2 to 3 grams of sugar, all were found to have 6.7 to 13 grams — up to 4 teaspoons — in a 227ml serving.*


OMBucha Kombucha is a true alternative.

OMBucha Kombucha is founded on the principles of authenticity, being a true health promoting beverage, that is slowly fermented, developing a deliciously refreshing & naturally carbonated booch; a probiotic vitality drink to nourish the mind, body and gut enjoyed by those engaging in a health & fitness conscious lifestyle and those who do not drink alcohol for religious reasons.

Learn more about what makes OMBucha® different than typical mainstream Kombucha on the market.