what are the 'jellyfish' or 'floaters' in ombucha kombucha


What are the ‘Jellyfish’ or ‘Floaters’ in the bottle?

SCOBY Pellicle In The Booch

One of the most asked questions from consumers who have purchase kombucha is why there are “jellyfish”-looking objects or “floaters” in the bottle. Allow us to explain the sweet science behind this phenomenon.

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First, make sure you’ve read our article that covers the fermentation process that explains exactly why we ferment tea for context.

During this elaborate process and after bottling the kombucha, bacteria continues to flourish and produces a by-product of the fermentation.

As a result, the appearance of a gel-like mass of cellulose, said to resemble a jellyfish, may present itself at the top of the kombucha – hence the reference to “floaters”.

Many people are confused – and often concerned – as to what this actually is, and rightly so. The reality, however, is that this small SCOBY pellicle is completely harmless, and may be discarded or consumed at will to no detriment to the consumer.

Do Floaters Represent Authenticity?

One of the potentially interesting properties of the jellyfish-like floaters is that they can frequently represent true authenticity of the Kombucha and it’s quality.

The reason for this is due to the time necessary to create the small SCOBY; think of it as a benchmark of attention to detail during the fermentation process.

The older the batch is, the more conditioned and sharpened the floater will taste, generally speaking.

Newer, fresher batches of kombucha, still taste quite tea-like. Like a fine wine, they may take a bit of ageing to develop a full-bodied taste and flavour.

True Craft Kombucha Compared To Mass Produced High Street Kombucha

It maybe less known, but it is true, that to mass produce kombucha and stock it on shelves of supermarkets and big high street chain stores, then there is probably very little chance that you’re actually purchasing high quality 100% kombucha, and more likely you’re buying a manipulated sugary drink, with some kombucha content added in for the marketing.

You can read more about why OMBucha® is NOT like mass produced high street kombucha here, and why you will probably not find any SCOBY pellicle floaters in high street booch, and most importantly why this is not good for high street kombucha’s and a GREAT thing for OMBucha®!