As well as supplying supplements directly to the end customer, OMBucha™ has a wholesale division supplying other websites, shops, gyms, and other trade customers. We can offer competitive pricing and outstanding service to all our trade customers and offer a guarantee that all orders received before 2PM are delivered on a next working day basis.

Benefits of Reselling OMBucha

OMbucha™ is a distinct, premium, home-brewed Kombucha, that is for the traditional, serious Kombucha enthusiast, bypassing the mass-produced commercial drinks market.

Innovation: Rather than copying other brands, OMbucha™ creates it’s own identity, flavour, and style; improving on the existing category of standard or commercialised Kombucha products.

We are keen to work with small to medium to large sized businesses on a personal level, to cross-collaborate with marketing ventures across all the popular social media channels in a way that is mutually beneficial for both companies. We pride ourselves on our friendly and unrivalled service. If you are an independent retail store, cafe, bar, restaurant, gym or outlet looking for some bespoke promotions to help fulfil local demand and maximise your sales – get in touch. We’re here to help.

Committed to fair trade and building relationships for the long-haul. We don’t plan to be another ‘rinse-and-go’ Kombucha company. We’re in it for the longevity factor, just like you are.

Experienced in both the e-commerce as well as bricks-and-mortar retail trade, having been part of numerous successful ventures in both sectors beforehand and able to assist you in the promotion of our products.

Our wholesale and drop-shipping departments can help businesses to expand their product range and offer improved services to clients. From occasional orders to complete order processing outsourcing, our team have a wide range of experience working with trade customers of all shapes and sizes.

From the moment you decide to place an order until you receive your OMBucha products™, our very experienced sales and customer service teams are available to provide a friendly, stress-free and helpful experience. Through constant improvement and innovation, some of the largest brands in the business are choosing to work with, and continue working with, OMBucha™.

Trade Team: Tel: +44 07500 966 094