Is OMBucha® Kombucha Paleo Friendly?

While Kombucha contains sugar – which is an essential part of the fermentation process – it’s found within minimal quantities in the end product which is negated by its overall health benefits and gut-promoting properties. As Paleo followers are quick to acknowledge, this has been sufficient to find its way into a modified version of […]

Is OMBucha® Kombucha Ketogenic Friendly?

Ketogenic diets have increased tenfold in recent years due to their ability to help lower body fat levels and lose weight effectively. But is Kombucha compatible with the diet? Yes, Kombucha can be ketogenic-friendly, but it requires attentiveness and diligence to calorie counting to consume it while in ketosis! Read the full Ketogenic Diet and Kombucha article […]

Is OMBucha® Kombucha safe for Diabetics?

When it comes to serious conditions like diabetes, the obvious answer is always to consult your doctor before integrating kombucha into your diet. For those turning to alternative medical treatments, kombucha continues to be a sought-after – yet not scientifically proven – treatment modality, of which we’re excited to see research continue on. We have […]