Can you drink Kombucha with SIBO

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a form of dysbiosis, caused by an imbalance of the trillions of bacteria in our gut. We examine how this happens and how it affects your health.

Because Kombucha is supposedly incredibly rich in prebiotics (which in some countries they’d have you believe feed bacteria, sometimes the bad alongside the good – but we can’t talk about it in the UK), precaution is taken with its inclusion to a low FODMAP diet for SIBO sufferers.

You may be able to drink Kombucha in moderation with SIBO, but the debate is certainly open as to how much you can/should consume of the Elixir of Life.

Our opinion on this matter is to take pre-emptive measures and play it safe, keeping things in moderation. Kombucha may/may not fit into your diet if you’re suffering from SIBO, and you should always consult your physician before transitioning your diet to self-medicating a serious condition.

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