Does OMBucha® Kombucha contain caffeine

One question often asked is “How much caffeine is in OMBucha® kombucha?”. Given that kombucha is made with black tea which contains a fair amount of caffeine, this is an important question if you generally avoid caffeinated beverages.

There are a lot of different findings in this area that run the gamut from the caffeine is greatly reduced during the fermentation process to it isn’t reduced at all. One source, Dr. David Chappuis in his work The Green Tea Book, found that caffeine content of kombucha reduced by approximately 25% over a two-week brewing time. This could be extrapolated upon to assume that it would continue to decrease through longer brewing.

With many different findings from many different sources, it seems safe to say that there is some caffeine in the final brew, though most sources consider it to be a relatively small amount.

So, how much caffeine is actually in our handcrafted authentic OMBucha® Kombucha – find out here: How much caffeine is in OMBucha®?