Why Do Other Kombucha Brands Do ‘Flavours’ And You Don’t

This one is an excellent question! The Kombucha market is GROWING at an exponential rate. The Coca-Cola Company has recently acquired kombucha maker Organic & Raw Trading Co. and estimations for the Kombucha drinks sector is set to soar

Consumers are being bombarded with shelves full of ‘Kombucha‘ products in cafes, restaurants and supermarkets … however, there is a catch!

Firstly, Kombucha (real Kombucha that is) is a raw, living, bacteria rich fermented product. This presents a couple of issues – one, is that it is extremely shelf unstable. And two, it is very hard to mass produce authentic real kombucha.

Being fermented and alive, real Kombucha is naturally carbonated (fizzy). Over time it continues to ferment and produces more carbon dioxide, which means it gets fizzier and fizzier – even explosive. Depending on the balance of Bacteria:Yeast in the original Kombucha SCOBY culture, there is an element of alcohol, or, the potential for alcohol. As the product ferments further, the potential for increased alcohol can rise. For mass production, mass distribution on a raw, living, and ever-changing product introduces a real nightmare for regulation, control and consistency.

In regards the second point – to manufacture real, authentic kombucha is actually very difficult to achieve on a large commercial scale. We brew in small batches, using oak barrels with a traditional method. A method where the outcome is to produce a culture rich, hearty brew to support your gut microbiome. This is never going to happen with a commercial manufacturer that is focussing on producing and distributing large volumes of tasty drinks to turn large profits.

To us, Kombucha is merely a tool (one of many) to feed your gut microbiome with precursors and acids allowing you to take control and normalise (as we’re simply not allowed to suggest you can optimise) your personal wellbeing and health.

Our goal is to produce a vehicle, a system and a method that helps you achieve maintain health & vitality. We’re in the market of producing an active product, alongside support and advice, that allows you to feel yourself and live your life through self-prescribed, natural, functional foods.

We noticed some time back, that most Kombucha brands actually have very little understanding about gut health, or the microbiome. There’s nothing wrong with producing a tasty, flavoured, fizzy drink to compete in the soda/flavoured drinks market … it just isn’t what we started OMBucha® to achieve. We’ve no interest in producing an alternative to your favourite cola or sugar loaded energy drink. We started our mission to raise the awareness of how the human gut influences mental, physical and emotional well being (though, as we have found out – we’re simply not allowed to talk about it in the UK, can you believe it?!). We wanted to produce a product that actually has a real world impact on your microbes and thus, potentially, your wellness (however, we can’t make any claims about that in our country, so you’ll have to come to your own conclusions).

The world of your personal gut bacteria, and how your microbiome communicates and interacts with your brain and body is truly fascinating. Nowadays, we know that over 1,000 different types of microbes are active in the human intestines. Bacteria and microbes co-exist on, in and within our body and have a massive influence over our health, wellness, mood and both physical & emotional state. Your gut is the foundational cornerstone of long term health – with the root of many illnesses and diseases actually starting in the gut.

In order to mass produce true authentic Kombucha, you’re banging your head against a brick wall. You’re trying to achieve something that is actually not possible. Every Kombucha brand knows this. And behind the scenes, commercial kombucha brands are using techniques to overcome these challenges – creating mass produced, shelf stable, carbonated drinks in order to win over your taste buds and draw you in with branding/marketing techniques that appeal to your sense of taste.

Let us tell you something … outside of OMBucha®, we have and continue to work in the sports nutrition, consumables and online marketing industries. OMBucha® is a hobby – a passion. Our knowledge from working with some of the largest nutritional food companies in the world has given us insights to the good, the bad and the ugly of the commercial marketing world, which includes that of the growing commercial sector for Kombucha.

Sure, we could adulterate our product and flavour it. Sure we could put it in a can. Sure we can make it more shelf stable. Sure we can add CBD, and botanicals and all kinds of cool stuff – none of it is a problem. HOWEVER, be aware, that when you introduce any of these adulterants and mass production factors – you are consistently moving away from optimal, unadulterated, effective nutrition.

Since we started our Kombucha with a mission to improve our own health, vitality and wellness – we have zero intention of moving away from that goal. From our own understanding of nutrition, and gut health as it stands today, we have no desire to adulterate our Kombucha, which is a tool that we use ourselves to normalise our gut microbiome and thus our health.

Let Food Be They Medicine, and Medicine Be They Food” – you’ve heard it before and we’ll post it over and over again, because we strongly believe in this from the core of our being (though we are legally not allowed to talk about it much in the UK believe it or not…).

For us here at OMBucha® we produce what we believe is a raw, living, active culture in an activated food that may have a real world impact on your wellbeing. To introduce factors that take us away from the purest form of natural medicine by adding in tactics, techniques and flavours in order to mass produce a commercial profit spinning product takes us further and further away from our values and beliefs. Well, that and the UK’s draconian dictatorship of regulatory rules on what you can and cannot discuss.

In that regard, although we appreciate and enjoy the ever growing list of flavoured, fizzy drinks masquerading as ‘Kombucha‘ on the market for what they stand for in a commercial aspect, it’s simply not something we have any interest in involving ourselves in. You can read more about how real Kombucha can positively impact your gut microbiome here.