Why should I take a home microbiome test?

Why should I take a microbiome test?

The OMBucha® home Microbiome Test analyses the types of bacteria present and their proportion in the overall microbiome. It provides information about the various functions of your gut bacteria, like the extent to which they protect you against certain diseases and inflammation, as well as what vitamins they synthesise. You will also get recommendations to improve and maintain the balance of your microbiome by adding specific foods to your diet.

Benefits of Gut Microbiome Testing:

  • Learn how microbes protect you from disease
  • Understand how diet affects gut bacteria
  • Optimise microbe’s vitamin synthesis
  • Dietary fibre breakdown and butyrate synthesis
  • Personalised food recommendations
  • Probiotics and beneficial bacteria report

What You Will Learn

  • Health
    Your microbiome health score and protection from 5 disease risks
  • Nutrition
    Proportion of probiotics and beneficial bacteria, micronutrient synthesis potential and diversity score
  • Foods
    Weekly personalised food recommendations to improve your microbiome health in 17 areas
  • Bacterial composition
    List of bacteria found in your microbiome (%) and what enterotype you belong to

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